story writing

it was dark and stormy night i was alone in my room …suddenly my pet dog shout and suddenly he just stop barking i was so scared and i hear one voice that some one is coming near my room i can hear the sound but the sound suddenly stoped and i was so scared and i hear that sound  lakmoen lakmoen some one was calling me and our phone start ringing and some one had just pick up the he was calling my name hello hello  lakmoen lakmoen are u there and some one say i kn ow ur here come on  iwill not kill u and i just hide under the table and some one just go at up stairs and i try to escape but the pot near me just fell down and the man was comiong down


Evolution of internet

In 1969 ,Arpanet was started to connect computer situated in different Universities and US Defense .

In 1970s, the NSF created a common network called CS NET

IN 1980 a new high capacity  and more speedy network called NSF net was developed

IN 1992 a new network called ANS NET was developed  provided by NSF NET

IN 1995 all the above network were combined to create a common large  network called the internet


living thing

all the living  thing had life and all life one have felling and felling can be good or bad so try to give good thing or be happy  and try to live your life with joy so be happy